By Todd Mansur (Captain/Naturalist)

 Trip #2

Mrs. McKenzie – Canyon Vista Elementary.

 1100 We departed Dana Point Harbor Today with doubts. The conditions weren’t favorable. The seas were calm the winds were light at 1-2 knots, But we had thick fog. Everyone was thinking the same thing how are we going to find whales in the fog. 1125 To everyone’s surprise we headed strait to a sighting of Common Dolphin. We were 3.4 miles 220 degrees from Dana Point Harbor.

At least five hundred 175lb. to 250lb. Common Dolphin were playing all around the boat. What a treat for a trip we thought would be spent feeling our way around in the fog. At 1145 while discussing the Common Dolphin our Captain Tom White spotted a whale. A Humpback whale that was swimming in the pod of dolphins how lucky!

So our attention was drawn to this new and wonderful sighting. This was a large 42-foot Humpback Whale. 1150 Now we had not only a large Humpback, but also we still had the Dolphin following the boat around. The Dolphin and the Whale were heading southeast down the coast. The whale was taking three short breaths about 1 minute apart followed by a rising tail and a three-minute dive.

 At 1220 we felt it was time to look for a new sighting and headed northwest. This would be the last whale sighting of the trip. With time left and no other Whales insight we decided to show the student some California Sea Lions. They’re an easy find as the nocturnal animals sleep on most of the buoys along our coast. By 1245 we were leaving our Sea Lions and Heading Back to Dana Point Harbor

Our Trip was a huge success! Not only did we see Dolphins and a Humpback Whale, but also the sun came out warming us up from our trip.

Total Students and Teachers 73

Total Sightings:

1 Humpback whale

500 Common Dolphins

GWRT - photo 5 on 2-15-17GWRT - photo 2 on 2-15-17  GWRT - photo 3 on 2-15-17



GWRT - photo 4 on 2-15-17






 GWRT - photo 1 on 2-15-17


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